Greetings, my fellow Milwaukians!  

I have really loved working for you and our community the past four years to move many initiatives forward, and am hoping for
your support for a second term this fall.   The past four years has brought change – the opening of the MAX Orange Line, a huge increase in property values spurring new construction all over town (but also displacing some longtime residents), demolition and rebuilding of Milwaukie High School and Ledding Library.  Most crucially, on your City Council, the tide has turned from a paralyzed, divided Council to a collaborative Council which has moved many projects forward.   Some key achievements of the past few years:

• Council adopted the Milwaukie 2040 Vision developed by a citizens advisory committee

• Council adopted the SAFE (Safe Access for Everyone) plan for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and building new sidewalks around our schools and other high priority areas; included a new fee and bonding against the fee to get sidewalk construction started more quickly. Projects in 2018 are near Milwaukie Elementary and Ardenwald Elementary.

• After 20 years of intermittent discussion, Council put a bond measure before the voters to expand Ledding Library – construction on a new and improved Ledding Library will begin in the fall of 2018.

• Adoption of a Housing Affordability Strategy as well as a Construction Excise Tax to help create affordable housing  

• Projects underway or to start this fall, in addition to the Library and sidewalk projects, include Wichita Park, a new pedestrian walkway linking downtown Milwaukie to the Trolley Trail via Kronberg Park, and repaving of a few miles of City streets.


Let’s keep the momentum going!  Please vote for me this November for Milwaukie City Council Position #2 and join me in working for a better Milwaukie!  –Lisa